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GHOST PAPER SAMPLE (5 sheets of A4)

GHOST PAPER SAMPLE (5 sheets of A4)

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5 sheet sample pack of A4 Ghost Paper. Shipping fees apply. 


Ghost Paper is a new addition to regular transfer paper, with a claim to have over 50% more transparency than most other standard, cloudy stencil papers on the market. 


Not only does it hold carbon transfer ink better, it also allows you to see more clearly where your going with your stencil when placing it on the skin, especially over existing tattoos, stencil building, layering up a complex design or making back lost lines. You can see exactly where to join your stencil sections before you commit to a fix. No more wiping off misplaced stencils.


This also makes it perfect for cover ups or when you might lose a stencil from over wiping and need to add an additional stencil to make back lost lines, an added stress of many tattoo artists life, especially less experienced inkers or apprentices.


Ghost Paper does NOT come with carbon sheets, it simply acts as an addition for the standard white paper that comes with your existing stencil paper brand. You can still use your regularwhite paper for the first stencil placement, and use Ghost Paper as a backup. You can keep using your favourite carbon and enhance your finished stencil options considerably with the Ghost Paper sheets, at the beginning, or during the tattoo process.


You can use Ghost Paper with your existing carbon sheets by:


+ Traditional hand tracing methods. No light boxes needed.

+ Run it through an app based thermal stencil printer with a carbon sheet.

+ Print directly onto it with carbon ink filled printers.



Perfect for when you’ve wiped away important lines or details.Simply print your design again on Ghost Paper and have a much clearer view when replacing those lost areas with a new Ghost Paper stencil during the tattoo.



With Ghost Paper you have a much better idea of where your stencilis going to end up over an existing tattoo, giving you and your client betterpeace of mind.



If you’ve got a complex design which involves multiple stencils, Ghost Paperhas that covered by allwoing you to easily see where to join each peiceand connect each section far better than regular paper.

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