Dizzyland is a licensed tattoo studio based in Corby, Northamptonshire, created by cartoon designer, illustrator and self-taught tattooist, Otee. He focuses on New School techniques with an Old Skool flavour. 

This tattoo style isn't aimed to be for everyone. It's for the geeks, the weirdos, the odd and the bizarre but most importantly, it's to let you know that it's ok to be different. Tattoos no longer need to have a sentimental value they just need to look effing cool.

He creates and designs original cartoon character tattoos or twists ideas from your favourite cartoon characters or comic books. Re-live your youth with classic characters from your decade or have him design, illustrate and tattoo a cartoon character completely from scratch. The imagination is endless.


+ Legs, outer arms and back tattoos.

+ Cartoons, comics and neo traditional styles.

+ Thick bold linework and solid colour ink.


+ Faces, necks stomachs or delicate areas.

+ Black & Grey shading, realism, geometric or fine line styles.

+ Generic or commercial tattoos that everyone else has.



Dizzyland focuses entirely on custom or original cartoon/comic character style tattoo designs, hand illustrated and freestyled, that represent the more weird and wacky side of watered down commercial cartoons. Our rubber-hose style presents a more adult, twisted and bizarre take on your modern day Disney work, by looking back at creations as early the 1920s where cartooning was much more trippy and politically incorrect, and of course, all created by hand and stop motion.

Expect bold, irregular lining work and plenty of coloured ink, in a world where pink elephants play saxophones, panda's rock knuckle dusters and little blue beavers threaten bullies with shotguns. 


Welcome to the weird & wonderful world of Dizzyland.